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At Leidy’s Custom Woodworking, we believe that casework and cabinetry should meet the user’s needs with regard to both form and function. To that end, we sit down with every client to craft a personalized building plan before we start work on your project.

Your design process begins with an in-person consultation at your home or business to determine the scope of the project, take measurements and get a feel for your personal style.

Once we’ve conducted a site visit, we’ll create a design plan, and submit a proposal and price estimate. You will have the opportunity to give feedback on the design and suggest adjustments to fit your needs. Once the design review is complete, we can begin creating your custom cabinetry.

Leidy's Custom Woodworking, INC

Throughout the building process, you can expect our craftsmen to keep you updated on all progress.  All projects include design, construction, delivery and complete installation of your custom cabinetry. Our goal is to provide every client with a final product that exceeds expectations.
Let’s get started! Contact Leidy’s Custom Woodworking today to make all your home and business cabinetry dreams a reality.